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Region 1

Competitions:  February 4, 2023

Snow Makeup: February 11, 2023


Stephanie Reiser-

Traci Pankratz-

Region 1 Events

Region 2

Leadership Competitions:   February 3, 2023

Snow Makeup: February 10, 2023

Coordinator for Leadership contests:

Angie Higginbotham-


Skilled Competitions:  February 4, 2023

Snow Makeup: February 11, 2023

Coordinator for Skilled contests

Kelley Baker-


Region 2 Events

Region 3

Leadership Competitions: February 3, 2023

Snow Makeup: February 10, 2023

Skilled Competitions:  February 4, 2023

Snow Makeup: February 11, 2023

Region 3 Blog

Debbie Montgomery-


Region 3 Events

Region 4

Region 4 Events

Competitions: February 4, 2023

Snow Makeup: February 11, 2023

Rob Truesdell-

Mike Wehrman-


Region 5

Leadership Competitions: February 4, 2023

Snow Makeup: February 11, 2023


Rob Truesdell-

Mike Wehrman-

Criminal Justice: Update Coming Soon TBD at Ivy Tech Madison

Ron Novak


Commercial Baking and Cosmetology: Update Coming Soon TBD

Valerie Prince- 
Rob Truesdell- 

Region 5 Events

*Once registrations have opened for regional competitions please register at

*You must register at each level of competition. If you plan to participate in state conference, you must register for regional competition.


Please register early so you do not run the risk of computer issues, holiday break pressures, or any other issues that may arise as registration deadline approaches.



Guidelines for Participation at the Indiana State Leadership and Skills Conference (SLSC)


State Contests:  Participants may register for one ‘Leadership’, and one ‘Skills’ competition, for a maximum of two competitions at the Indiana SLSC.  The ‘Skills’ competition must correlate to the student’s CTE program of study; i.e. Collision Repair students may compete in Collision Repair or Auto Refinishing, not Auto Service or Diesel Technology.


National Contests:  Participants are allowed to compete in only one competition at the National Skills and Leadership Conference (NLSC) in Louisville.  Should a participant receive more than one first-place award at the Indiana SLSC, that student will need to choose the one contest they will do at NLSC and the second-place finalist in the other contest(s) will then be eligible for the NLSC participation.


Regional Contest serving as State Contest: In some Skills and Leadership competitions, there may be only one regional finalist for the entire state (bye). The regional winner must still register for the state competition and participate in the SLSC as directed by the Executive Board.


BYES: Regional finalists being designated as 'bye' for the State Leadership and Skills Competition will be required to register and attend the SLSC to demonstrate their skills' competencies. This may be done with an online skills assessment test or a personal interview/assessment process, depending on the particular contest. The Indiana Association of SkillsUSA will make this determination.


Please Note: Poor results from this SLSC competency assessment will result in the student not being declared the state winner and will remove them from recognition, awards, prizes, and national-level competitions. Any state-level qualifier with a 'bye' who chooses not to attend the SLSC for this skills' assessment process can be removed from recognition, awards, prizes and national-level competitions. ****PLEASE CHECK THE NATIONAL TECHNICAL STANDARDS FOR ANY UPDATES AS OF OCTOBER 15th, 2021.  THESE ARE NOW ONLINE AND INCLUDED IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP.


2021-2022 Competitive Events

Please remember that regardless of which Saturday contest is selected, students can also do one Leadership contest on Friday.  If a Skills contest is scheduled to start on Friday, a student WILL NOT be able to participate in a Leadership contest slated for the same time.


Information regarding number of team members is included on the pages.  If you do not see a contest listed that you are interested in participating in please contact Kelley Baker.  The contest will NOT be available for the current school year’s State Conference but will be considered for the following school year.


Please contact the SkillsUSA Indiana website or the National website for contest technical standards and contest updates.  If there are no updates found then you are to FOLLOW the National Technical Standards as they are written.


Best Wishes for a Successful SkillsUSA Season!