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SkillsUSA Indiana is home to more than 70 schools which support local SkillsUSA Chapters. This site serves as a link between local chapters and national SkillsUSA.


SkillsUSA is the only student organization devoted to the advancement of America’s future skilled workers in more than 70 skill areas.

What We Do

SkillsUSA prepares America’s high performance workers by providing quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. through building and reinforcing self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills. The organization also emphasizes total quality at work, high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free enterprise system and involvement in community service activities.

Our Mission

SkillsUSA empowers its members to

become world-class workers, leaders

and responsible American citizens. SkillsUSA improves the quality of our nation’s future skilled workforce through

the development of Framework skills that include personal, workplace and

technical skills grounded in academics.

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