Meet the Officers

Meet Martin Cabrera. . .

My name is Martin Cabrera, but I grew up my whole life by my family calling me “Flako”.  I am currently a student at Ben Davis High School and am a Senior.  I attend Area 31 Career Center in the automotive program.  I was born in Indianapolis but had to move to Mexico because of my Grandmother’s death which was the reason I grew up in La Piedad, Michoacan.  During my time there we did not really have much which showed me what it really feels like to struggle and appreciate the littlest things you have in life.  My family and I recently came back 3 or 4 years ago causing me to struggle on learning English again, but hard work pays off and so now here we are.  Out of three kids, I am the middle child. My older sister is in Chiapas, Mexico studying medicine and my younger brother goes to Lynhurst.  I attend Ben Davis and play for the BD soccer team.  My whole life I have never been good at keeping conversations, like what my Grandma used to say, “He’s a man of a few words”.  I do not like speaking much.  Growing up, my dad has always told me to “always let your actions speak for you” which is why I am going to do my best as a State Officer to make my friends and family proud!

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Meet Frankie Hood. . .

My name is Frances Mae Hood.  I am 17 years old.  I am the middle of five children. My family moved to Indiana when I was 8 years old to help plant a church.  I have volunteered for 8 years at my church in the children’s ministry and volunteered several hours for a wide variety of organizations: One Heart Many Hands, Good Samaritan Network, etc.  I am at the top of my class at J. Everett Light Career Center where I study Commercial Baking.  I finish tasks that are given to me, am a hard worker, and eager to learn new things.  I would like to be able to say I stepped out of my comfort zone my senior year of high school so I decided this would be good for me to try.

Meet Cykara Lewis. . .

My name is Cykara Lewis. I am a Senior enrolled in an Early Childhood Education technical program at Hammond Area Career Center. I am working towards attaining my Child Development Associate Credential. I enjoy working with children because I love being able to shape the little minds that are solely responsible for the world's future. I enjoy expanding my knowledge, making new friends, and learning new skills. I am a track runner. (Yes, I do run for fun). During my free time, you will probably find me spending time with family, painting, or helping out at my church.  I am big on volunteering and helping other people because I believe in the notion that you get back what you put into the world. Plus, it does not hurt to be kind. I am a very assertive and empathetic person. I will speak for what I believe in without hesitation. I work well on my own but even better in group settings. After high school, I plan on attending a four-year college where I will major in Early Childhood Education and minor in Social Work. One of the philosophies that help me choose to be extra-ordinary is, "You should do the things that others won't today, so that tomorrow you'll be prepared to do the things they can't.”

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